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About Me

born: 15.05.1973, Cadiz City,
Negros Occidental
Profession: Promo Clerk
Interest: Getting to know the world,
music (active/passive),
reading, waking  Rudi up 

I grew up with my family in Manapla. After I finished my school I moved to Manila. My first job was a worker in a faktory, but later I become a sales lady. In 1999 met Rudi. In June 2000 I moved to Germany. 

After a lot of fights against the German bureaucraty and German officers, who thougt they were god, we finally got married May 2001.

Im working now at the American occupying troops - sorry - Im working at the American liberation troops in Heidelberg. I like my job very much and it is realy international: A Filipina is working in a Turkey  Fast Food stall for the Americans in Germany.


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