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Anabelle and Rudi with a lot of informations about the Philippines.

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Unfortunately in Germany you cannot get so much information about this topic. Only when the wife of a president is buying her 6327th pair of shoes, earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions are destroying the country or same tourists are being kidnapped, the Philippines exists in our news. As it seems, it is more interesting to be informed about the color of Boris Becker‘s underwear.

With our homepage we want to inform and to entertain. Our main topic is the problem of the culture shock.

But first of all, we have to apologize for bad English.Why?
1. Rudi‘s  attendance at school was 10.000 years ago. Meanwhile he forgot all the rules and grammars.
2. Though in the Philippines English is an official language, the English that they speak there, is not the so-called „Oxford English“.
Please don't hesitate to contact us, if there is any mistake, or if you have a better formulation – thank you.

As it seems the Philippines are more similar to Europe than other Asian countries, but  Philippines and Europe that's still a meeting of two different cultures and mentalities and even 450 years of Spanish and American occupation could not change that. Of course, the occupying countries left their signs in the country, but the Asian mentality, a "mystery book" was not affected by this "benefactors". The effort to solve some of these mysteries shall be our contribution for a better understanding between different cultures and their ways of life.

For any ideas, motivation or incentive etc. we would be very thankful. If you want, be our guest and write a comment or article for our homepage. 

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